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Handy Famm

Handy Famm 3-in-1 Tape Measure Tool For Kids

Handy Famm 3-in-1 Tape Measure Tool For Kids

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This must-have tool includes:

  • An 8ft (250cm) measuring tape
  • A cool eye level
  • An easy angle finder
  • A handy clasp to carry it with you everywhere!
  • This patented, kid-friendly design is made with durable plastic to endure projects big and small.

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What Makes Our Handy's Stand Out!


Our tape measures aren't just tape measures. In fact, they're much more! Check out some of the other fun features that you'll get to enjoy.

Eye Level

Our patented eye design doubles as a level!

Angle Finder

You'll notice there are numbers around the eye. These will help with finding tough angles on whatever project you're working on!

Carrying Clasp

Each Handy Famm comes with a carrying clasp allowing you to easily take it on the go!

Voted Number 1 New Tape Measure!

#1 New Release in Linear Measurement

Less Screen Time, More FAMM Time

Our design makes DIY FUN – creating an environment where kids actually want to help Mom and Dad with fun projects around the house.

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Interactive Eye Level!

We knew that the eye could be more than just a fun design aspect. So we took things up a notch and made it dynamic so kids could use it more mutiple tasks!

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Carrying Clasp!

We include a carrying clasp with every HandyFamm that can easily clip to clothing loops, backpacks and more so you can take your Handy with you on the go!

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