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"Bebe" Handy Famm Pink Bird Tape Measure

"Bebe" Handy Famm Pink Bird Tape Measure

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About this item

  • Retractable Measuring Tape - An absolute must-have for all children's projects and activities. Handy Famm Kids 8ft Retractable Bird Measuring Tape provides ample reach while remaining compact enough to be carried anywhere. The vibrant bird design adds a touch of whimsy, sparking imagination and excitement in every measurement taken. Elevate your child's projects to new heights of precision and creativity with bird-themed Handy Famm small tape measure.

  • Fun & Educational - Where Education meets Play. Its enchanting bird-shaped design effortlessly merges the joy of play with invaluable educational experience. From pint-sized mechanics and aspiring gardeners to budding woodworkers, our measurement tape caters to a range of interests - let the measurement tape roll. Whether it's kids mechanic tools, kids gardening tools, or a cherished addition to a tool belt for kids, Handy Famm tape measures is an essential companion.

  • Eye-conic Leveler - More than just a measurement tool, the Handy Famm kids tape measure transcends boundaries, elevating itself to an indispensable asset within the realm of DIY tools for kids. No more wobbly lines or crooked edges – this tape measure ensures your projects are on point every time. It's not just a tool – it's an adventure waiting to happen. Get your kids ready to create, build, and explore like never before. Your DIY dreams are just a measurement away!

  • Lightweight & Easy to Use - This kids measuring tape is designed to be child-sized with an easy grip latch and a durable carrying clasp. Our tape measure for kids ensures comfortable handling and long-lasting performance, making it child-friendly. The measuring tape retractable feature keeps the children's fingers being zapped. Get your kids ready to create, build, and explore like never before. Your DIY dreams are just a measurement away!

  • Portable & Accurate - With a length that stretches to 8ft (counting in sets of 12), bird-shaped retractable tape measure is a trusty sidekick for discovering the world of numbers and angles. Slip it into your kids tool kit, clip it into the backpack, no matter where your adventures is. If the tape measure ever goes on a misadventure or plays a trick on you during normal use, don't worry! Just reach out to us, and we'll replace it. Your measuring adventures are our top priority!

This must-have tool includes:

  • An 8ft (250cm) measuring tape
  • Eye-conic Leveler
  • STEM-friendly angle finder
  • A handy clasp to carry it with you everywhere!
  • This patented, kid-friendly design is made with durable plastic to endure projects big and small.
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