Cool Things for Kids to Measure!

Cool Things for Kids to Measure!

Measuring Fun!

Kids have a knack for turning ordinary objects into toys, and tape measures are no exception. Kids love being able to measure the ordinary items that they come across in the house. Discover the creative and sometimes wild ways kids use this simple tool.

1. The length of a giant stuffed animal

Have your child measure the length of a large stuffed animal that is bigger than them. This could be a fun way to learn about measurement and also to play with their favorite toy.

2. The distance of a toy car jump

Kids can measure the distance of a toy car jump by setting up a ramp and seeing how far the car travels. This could be a fun way to experiment with physics and learn about distance and speed. Not to mention, kids are their friends could have some healthy competition on who can do the farthest jump!

3. Mom or Dad!

One of the more fun ways to inspire quality bonding time between kids and parents is to have your kids measure your body parts. Whether its comparing the size of your foot, length of your arm, measuring together is always sure to inspire quality bonding time. 

4. Pets!

Your kid will love this activity whether its a dog, cat, or maybe something more adventurous like a snake! They can measure a dogs tail, the length of a cat, or even see tall they are compared to themselves!

5. The distance they can jump

What better way to multitask than to get some exercise in with jumping as well as mind stimulation in with measuring. If you're a parent looking to challenge their kid, try having them jump and measure how far they went. This is a fun way to track progress every week as well!

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