A Note From the Founder

Hi, my name is Josh. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with creating things. I love to challenge convention, and believe wherever there's a problem, there’s got to be a solution! This is the story of how Handy Famm was born.

In 2018, my twelve year old daughter (1 of my 6 kids) and I were starting a DIY/craft project together – You know, some good father/daughter bonding time. As we strolled the aisle of our local hardware store, we couldn’t help but think the same thing: BORING! Rows and rows of all types of tape measures, from big to small to high-end to low cost, however, every tape measure and tool we saw was either too complicated or just not fun for kids her age.

So, we did what any normal father-daughter duo would do and started to tinker with creating our very own tape measure. We started with the end in mind: to create a tape measure that was functional, multipurpose, safe for kids, and most importantly, SUPER FUN!

Luckily, I’ve spent the past two decades in brand building & design, 3d film movie making, and product manufacturing has allowed me the opportunity to help companies like Chobani, jetBlue, and Local Bounti find their secret sauce –– combining effective strategy, brand positioning, product invention, packaging, digital solutions, and implementing unique marketing strategies.

So with the help of my insanely talented and genius team, we were able to design and patent our Handy Famm BIRD series! The iconic eye design with integrated level became the anchoring visual element that would unify our Handy Famm product line.

And we’re just getting started…