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3 Reasons Parents are LOVING Handy Famm to Teach Their Kids STEM Skills & Reduce Screen Time

A real tape measure designed for kids, Handy Famm encourages valuable bonding time between parents and kids.

1. Keep little one busy for hours

With over 25,000 happy customers, Handy Famm is proven to keep kids happy and engaged for hours measuring things both indoors and out. Perfect for alone time and playing with a sibling or parent!

2. Encourages valuable bonding time between parent and child

There is no better toy meant to be shared with the whole family...

"My kids LOVE being a part of dad's DIY projects around the house!" - Tammy S.

"It's such a cute, fun toy that actually works just like his dad's" - Jen F. 

3. So much more than just a toy

In addition to being a real, functioning kid-safe tape measure, Handy Famm also has a leveler, angle finder, and clasp making it easy to transport. Measuring objects is proven to develop early STEM skills in ages 3+ and make math fun.

"Handy Famm has made learning and building so much fun for our daughter. She uses it around the house and for projects with mom & dad outside. She hasn't touched her iPad in weeks!"

Experience the HandyFamm Difference

"Perfect for toddlers! It's safe for small hands, and is lightweight so my son can put it in his pocket or travel bag."

Shannon B, verified buyer

"Happy dad, happy kids! This cool tool was a hit with the kids. It got them excited to come hang out with their father and learn about DIY projects.

Kenzie B, verified buyer

"So fun! My daughter absolutely loved this and its cute design. She's no running around measuring everything in the house. Such a fun way to learn!"

Allison H, verified buyer

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