Victoria Fitzgerald - Taking Handy Famm Worldwide!

Meet Victoria Fitzgerald, a remarkable member of the Handy Famm fammily, who has taken her Handy Famm pal on a global adventure! Hailing from the picturesque state of Colorado, the Fitzgeralds are a family of explorers with a passion for creativity and innovation!

Family Ties and Travel Tales

Victoria is the youngest of three siblings, alongside her 14-year-old sister Anabella and 12-year-old brother Jack. Together, the Fitzgeralds have embarked on journeys to 12 countries and counting, proving that the spirit of exploration runs deep in their veins. Victoria's dad, an Orthopedic Surgeon, and her mom, a Nutritional Therapist, have instilled a love for learning and discovery in their children.

A Pet Paradise

The Fitzgerald household is a lively haven for animals. With four dogs - Lola, Shepi, Ajax and Aspen - and eight chickens, including two proud roosters, their home is filled with the joyful chaos that only pets can bring. It's no surprise that Handy Famm seamlessly integrated into their dynamic home. Victoria even used Lola the Handy Famm Tape Measure (not to be confused with Lola her dog) to construct a new perch for her chickens!

Passion and Achievements

Victoria's interests span a wide spectrum - dance, acting, animals, and science. Her diverse talents have even taken her to the grand stages of New York, Paris, and Milan Fashion Week, where she confidently walked the runways!

Handy Famm in Action

Setting the Fitzgeralds apart is their creative utilization of Handy Famm tools in various aspects of their lives. From crafting a perch for the chicken coop to measuring for new dog kennels, and even designing a dance studio at home, Handy Famm tools have become an integral part of their daily adventures.

Spreading the Joy

Victoria takes pride in showcasing her Handy Famms in class, sharing their versatility with teachers and classmates alike.


Victoria's story is a testament to the adaptability and joy that Handy Famm brings to families. As the Fitzgeralds continue to explore, create, and share their experiences, the Handy Famm fammily is delighted to have such an inspiring member of our community in Victoria Fitzgerald. Here's to more adventures and innovative projects with Handy Famm.

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